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  • Competition and cooperation
    Competition and cooperation
    18 January, 2017 by
    If you prefer to read this story in Spanish, please click here   I’m going to tell you a real story that took place a couple of years ago in a school where I worked. By that time, I was...
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  • One-to-one classes
    One-to-one classes
    10 January, 2017 by
    To read this post in Spanish, please click here he imaginary dialog set out above is linked with what happens when a teacher focuses his/her attention on a student and looks at their learning process. Today, I want to talk...
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  • Red shocks students
    Red shocks students
    16 March, 2016 by
    Not too long ago, someone said it was not a good idea to correct with a red pen, because it could traumatize children.  Shortly after, another “specialist” performed a scientific study and confirmed this as a fact. Since that time,...
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  • School Speeches
    School Speeches
    29 November, 2014 by
    To read this article in Spanish, please click here On this August 17thwe meet once more time to commemorate a new anniversary of the death of our great General “Don José de San Martín. San Martín was a man that….”...
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