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Competition and cooperation

If you prefer to read this story in Spanish, please click here   I’m going to tell you a real story that took place a couple of years ago in a school where I worked. By that time, I was a second grade teacher in charge of twenty-seven students. The headmistress had commissioned all the teachers to ask the kids to draw on a special sheet of paper some motifs


One-to-one classes

To read this post in Spanish, please click here he imaginary dialog set out above is linked with what happens when a teacher focuses his/her attention on a student and looks at their learning process. Today, I want to talk about this, about the benefits of private lessons where there is one teacher and one student, in a school environment or out of it. Among other things, customized education allows


Red shocks students

Not too long ago, someone said it was not a good idea to correct with a red pen, because it could traumatize children.  Shortly after, another “specialist” performed a scientific study and confirmed this as a fact. Since that time, it became a “holy word” and, in the school context, there is a strong disapproving glance if a teacher tries to use that colour to correct his student’s work. However,


School Speeches

To read this article in Spanish, please click here On this August 17thwe meet once more time to commemorate a new anniversary of the death of our great General “Don José de San Martín. San Martín was a man that….” That way could start the reading of the classic “allusive words”, that many of us will remember if we bring to our memory the school ceremonies. As a child, the

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Música Infantil de Calidad

Esta semana es el turno de.....


¿Los conocés? ¿Qué estás esperando para escucharlos?

Sus palabras….

Desde el año 2010 el grupo de música La Maroma lleva a cabo el espectáculo para niños y grandes llamado “Cantos de Vida en el Sur”, con canciones especialmente escritas y compuestas sobre la flora y fauna autóctona de nuestra región andino patagónica, con variados ritmos folklóricos argentinos. El grupo ya ha recorrido prácticamente todos los jardines de infantes públicos y escuelas de diversas ciudades.
Cientos de niños han disfrutado junto a La Maroma las melodías y los juegos expresivos, junto con la apreciación y exploración de los instrumentos musicales de variadísimos timbres y regiones. Los músicos que integran el grupo La Maroma son: Cristina Villafañe, y Marisa Di Giambatista (autora y compositora de los temas).

Link a su canal de Youtube